People's Choice Best New Product

People's Choice Best New Product


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Boxing It Up  If you are looking to boost your take-home or drop-off catering business, the Catering Box is the packaging product for you. The Catering Box is a safe and professional way to transport food for pick-up or delivery, helping to maintain the temperature of food and absorbing minor spills.

The Catering Box REGULAR, available in bundles of 50, holds two half trays or one full tray and serving spoons. The Catering Box JUMBO, available in bundles of 25, holds one full deep tray or a combination of trays and serving spoons. Economically priced, The Catering Box is easy to handle, helps you stay organized, and is stackable- a perfect packaging solution for all your catered food.

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Catering Boxes

It just got easier to transport for customer pickup or delivery. The Catering Box accommodates the pan sizes you prefer and is easy to stack and store until needed. These sturdy boxes absorb minor spills and help keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. In addition, each has a steam tab that keeps foods from getting soggy.

Packed flat in bundles and stackable, The Catering Box comes in two sizes, The Catering Box REGULAR and The Catering Box JUMBO. The REGULAR size fits two half trays and spoons, or one full tray shallow or medium with spoons, packed 50 per bundle. The JUMBO Box fits one full deep tray, or a combination of trays with spoons, packed 25 per bundle.


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Think Inside the Box!

Convenient and disposable. The Catering Box is your perfect packaging solution. The Catering Box is a professional and economical way to safely transport food for pickup or delivery. Two sizes, REGULAR and JUMBO, accommodate all tray sizes. Packed flat, stackable, easy to handle. Think inside the box! The Catering Box!